Studio Albums

Another Spark of Light (2015)
In a period of 2 years The Dreamside reworked their personal, favorite tracks and favorite tracks requested by fans, from the past 20 years of band history. Friends of the band contributed cover versions of their favorite tracks of The Dreamside. This makes Another Spark Of Light a true pearl in the The Dreamside discography.

Sorrow Bearing Tree (2014)
Sorrow Bearing Tree is The Dreamside's 6th studio album containing 14 tracks and duets featuring Flo Schwarz (Pyogenesis)  and Ralf Mastwijk (Face Tomorrow).

Lunar Nature (2009)
The Dreamside's 5th studio album contains 14 songs including a duett cover with the US act Information Society and a guest appearance's of Born from Pain and Kenij Siratori.

Spin Moon Magic (2005)
Fourth studio album with the tracks "Open your Eyes" and "Forsaken" including the video clip to "Open your eyes".

Mirror Moon (2001)
3rd studio album of The Dreamside. Mirror Moon has been digitally re-released on the band-own label Spin Moon Media in 2011 and contains re-produced versions of the songs "Mirror Moon" and "Above Below Around".

Apaika (1997)
The Dreamside 2nd full length album and last release on Nuclear Blast. Apaika has been digitally re-released in 2012 on the band- own label Spin Moon Media and contains additional songs and demo versions of songs from the Mirror moon session.

Pale Blue Lights (1993)
Debut album of The Dreamside. The album has been re-released in 2008 on Dancing Ferret Disc.