Merijn Mol

One of the first things I can recall from being a drummer was when I was about 4 years old. Back then I always tried to build my own drum-kit by using all that I could find to be help full in building a drum-kit. Pots and pans an all sort of things like that. I drove my parents crazy with the noise I'd produced. Finally when I'd become 10 years old my mom gave me a real drum-kit for my birthday. 

A hole new era started on that day. one year later I started my own band’s with kids from school. influenced by the Music of the 80’s we played mostly cover songs. When I was about 18 I'd started to play in more professional bands, who where not related to friends or school members. Boobytrap, Danse Macabre and later Satyrian with Jan Yrlund and Milos Maricevich. Drumming wise Pantera, Death, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, Annihilator and Paradise Lost where bands that really influenced my style at that time. I loved the fast drumbeats, crazy fills and bombastic sounds (still do ;-) ). But also I'd listened a lot to more melodic music like U2, Sting, and other mainstream artists. 

After half a year working on the Satyrian album I met Kemi and later also Roman during the process. later that year I joined The Dreamside. And still we’re rocking on!