Kemi Vita

As long as I remember I was always singing melodies and lyrics. My mother told me that I was a dreamy and observing/listening toddler that just did not start to speak. 

At a certain point, when everyone was thinking "there is something wrong with this child", I all of a sudden start to sing full sentences..., with quite a vocabulary which stunned them all. 
From that moment on I went through life singing, especially in the evening I sung a kind of "resume” of the day. As soon as I could, around 4 years I work the record player and sang with made up Italian words (o.s. Patty Pravo, Rita Pavone) some singles of my Italian father (who had passed away). 
Later I fell madly in love with the album ‘Rumours’ from Fleetwood Mac! At 16 I joined my first band and from there on I have been in numerous bands and projects where I sang and played bass or guitar. One of them was together with Fried Bruggink (now guitarist of The Dreamside), called "Moonchild". 
In 1994 I started The Dreamside and soon also worked for a lot of productions, like Peter Field, OMG., Love Like Blood, Born For Bliss, 18 Summers (ex-Silke Bishoff), Satyrian etc. I also did/do theatrical performances made by artist oa. Agnes "Medusa" Jaspers. I love to work with different disciples of the arts. The Bloodline is a metal project which I run together with Roman.