Cees Viset

Born and raised in the sixties and seventies, the music of that time shaped me and runs through my fingers. Think Jimmy Hendrix, David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac. In my teens I started listening to more symphonic bands like Pink Floyd (and their later solo works), the Cult, the Cure, Yes, Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper. These days Dead can Dance and Muse are added to that list and I've dropped my eye on newcomer HeavyLight. 

I've been in several musical projects. I've been the guest-guitarist on Asrai's Touch in the Dark, I'm a guitar teacher and I've worked in Land van Ooit (a theatrical theme park) for almost 8 years. Here I've played jazz, folk, klezmer, you name it. 

Since 1997 I am a proud member of the Dreamside.